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“I got mine (Freestyle Libre CGM). I never thought that I could get this system without paying a high copay. The rep was very helpful and very knowledgeable about the unit that best fit my needs. Called me back in a few hours after talking to me to inform me that my new unit was on it's way.”

-Harold C

“ProMed is so much better then the other company I was using they always delayed my orders and Promed has saved so much stress with the updates and then shipping the order to him. They can do no wrong in his eyes “  

-Richard W

“The process is  so convenient and easy to get the sensors. A much better experience than through our local pharmacy and we really appreciate the excellent customer service we always receive.”

-William V

“My Promed rep is always great to work with. So helpful and great at what we do”

-Carol S

“Very nice representative.
Pleasure to do business with them.”

-Karen M

“My Promed rep is always great to work with. So helpful and great at what we do”

-Vinent C

"The Promed team is always kind and professional"

-Melanie B.

“Promed is so much better than my previous company. She loves us and we are great to work with.”

-Mary K

“Promed does an excellent job of following up and keeping me informed”

-William A

“On a scale of 1-5, Promed’s service is a 10. I love them.”  

-Ramona S

“They are so helpful, easy to work with, and they always answer all of my questions.”  

-Michael L

“Promed is so caring, kind and easy to talk with.  My monthly orders always come exactly as promised.”  

-Nechama B

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions.

How do I know which catheter is right for me?

ProMed can assist you through the process of finding the right catheter for you. Our team is composed of product specialists and a registered nurse that are all available to help you through the selection process. We carry a comprehensive line of catheters from all leading manufacturers to provide you with the best quality urological supplies.

*Product selection may be dependent on the prescription created by your doctor.

What types of urinary catheters are hypoallergenic to help me avoid reactions to some materials, lubricants, or chemicals?

ProMed offers a selection of products including intermittent catheters made out of silicone for a more flexible and comfortable insertion process. For foley (indwelling) catheter users, we also offer a line of latex free options. All of our bags and accessories are also latex free.

What brands of urinary catheters does ProMed DME offer?

ProMed offers the best urinary catheter selection from all leading manufacturers such as: Coloplast, Hollister, Bard, Cure, MTG, Covidien, Rusch, and Lofric to help you live your best life.

How do I request samples?

There are multiple ways to receive your catheter samples, you can contact us at 844-693-6316 or through our contact form. After we have received your basic information, we will reach out for additional information including your insurance and a valid prescription from your doctor. After gathering all of your information, we will send you a 5-day sample kit at no cost to your door.

Do you carry incontinence products?

In addition to our urinary catheter supplies, we offer a line of incontinence supplies such as adult diapers, pads, and more. To learn more about what incontinence products we offer you can contact one of our product specialists at 844-693-6316.

How do I insert a catheter into the bladder?

We offer numerous amounts of user friendly guides and other resources for both self-cathing users and caregivers. You can also reach out to our Call-A-Nurse Program at 844-687-7386 if you are having trouble inserting the catheter into your bladder or any questions around how to use a catheter. In case of an emergency, please call 911.

Can I reuse catheters?

We do not recommend washing and reusing catheters due to health concerns. If you are in immediate need of catheters please call us at 844-693-6316 to ensure you do not go without your necessary supplies. We suggest only using your intermittent catheter once to ensure it remains in a sterile composure and then deposing of it to reduce risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other health concerns.

How do I clean my catheter?

We do not recommend cleaning and reusing catheters due to an increased risk of UTIs and other health concerns. Catheters are a disposable item and should be disposed of appropriately after a single use.

How will I know when the catheter is in my bladder?

If the catheter is appropriately placed, urine will begin to drain out of the catheter within seconds of insertion. For female catheter users, we recommend ensuring the catheter is placed in the urethral opening, not the vaginal opening so that urine can flow freely. If you are struggling to insert the catheter, please check out our user-friendly catheter guides to walk you through the process of self-cathing or cathing as a caregiver on men, women, girls, and boys. You can also contact our Call-A-Nurse Program at 844-687-7386 to talk directly to our registered nurse on staff to assist you through the insertion process.

How do I prevent UTI's?

ProMed DME has created a user guide to help catheter users lower the risk of getting a UTI. You can access our UTI guide here. If you are experiencing a UTI please consult your doctor immediately.

How will I know what my monthly supply of urinary catheters cost?

One of our insurance specialists will run your insurance upfront and be able to provide you with the estimated out of pocket cost associated with your order if your insurance does not cover the supplies. We will take care of all the billing and insurance paperwork on your behalf to lessen the complexity of your order. The costs of your supplies will vary depending on your insurance coverage.

Do I need a doctor's prescription to receive urinary catheters from ProMed DME?

Yes, you will need a prescription written by your doctor in order to receive your monthly supply. Urinary catheter products are a prescription item, however, our specialists will aid you through the process of getting your monthly supply by reaching out to your doctor and verifying your prescription is compliant with your order. Any item(s) billed to insurance must include a valid prescription. 

How will you deliver my monthly supplies?

Your monthly supplies will be delivered to your door or alternative address with free and timely shipping. If the payor allows, ProMed also offers the option of a 3 month supply when you opt in.

How do I reorder my urinary catheter supplies when I need more?

You can contact one of our specialists at 844-693-6316 to place your reorder. We do offer the option to let us contact you when it is time for your reorder or for you to contact us when you have reached 10 days left of your supplies. If the payor guidelines allow, ProMed DME can also auto-ship your order straight to the address provided by the patient.

Do I have to pay shipping costs or delivery fees for my supply orders?

No, ProMed DME offers free and timely shipping to all of our patients!

User Guides

ProMed DME is here to guide you through the journey of using medical supplies from start to finish. Formulated by our registered nurse, you can rest assured that all of your questions will be answered.

How To Guide for Female Self-Cathing

If you are new to self-catheterizing our user friendly guide will walk you through how to Self-Catheterize on Adult Women.

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How To Guide for Male Self-Cathing

If you are new to self-catheterizing our user friendly guide will walk you through how to Self-Catheterize on Adult Men.

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CGM System Comparison

Finding the right system for your lifestyle to help manage your diabetes can be difficult, this chart can help find which system may be right for you.

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How to Apply the Freestyle Libre Sensor

Walk through the step by step process of how to apply your Freestyle Libre sensor correctly with our nursing staff.

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