A specialized service crafted to your medical needs

Have a medical question? Our experienced nurses are here to provide you with reliable answers and guidance on product use and instruction.

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Discover the advantages that ProMed DME has to offer

Our nurse has years of clinical experience in the medical field, specializing in providing top-notch care and educational resources to patients, caregivers, and alike.

Answer Product Questions

Our Nurse will answer questions relating to your DME products to help you get started 

Partner With Your Care Team

We understand the importance of reliable medical supplies and strive to provide the best solutions for our customers

User Safety Put First

Our medical equipment is designed to meet the latest industry standards and help healthcare professionals deliver

Promed's Nurse

Meet Our Experienced and Knowledgeable Nurse

Angela Breslin, RN has more than 20 years of practical experience in the hospital, home health, and administrative settings combined with 7 years of Executive DME experience.

Over the last 7 years, she has worked for multiple DME companies as a Nurse, Consultant, and President continuing to put patient care first.

Angela is a DME product line expert with experience in Urology, Ostomy, Incontinence, Peristeen, Wheelchairs, Diabetes (testing, CGM, pumps, shoes), Breast Pumps, Wound Care, EB, and Orthosis.

Get Free Consultation And Guidance From A Nurse About Anything

This is a non-emergency based service that we offer to all of our customers. The nurse line is open from : 8am-11pm EST

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