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At ProMed, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality medical supplies with exceptional customer service. Our mission is to provide you with the products you need to improve your health and well-being.

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Experience the Difference with ProMed: Your Trusted Medical Supply Company

At ProMed DME, we PROMISE to provide you with the highest quality medical supplies and exceptional customer service. With our extensive product knowledge and in-house clinical staff, you can trust us to meet all of your healthcare needs and get you living your best L-I-F-E. 

LEGAL: We PROMISE to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our treatment of all Patients, Caregivers, and Healthcare Professionals.

INTEGRITY: We PROMISE to promote integrity, support objectivity, and foster trust in every relationship we forge.

FIRST: We PROMISE to put our customers’ needs first and ensure we exhaust every possibility and effort in providing a steadfast commitment to our customers’ needs and satisfaction.

EXPERIENCE: We PROMISE that our team is comprised of deeply experienced DME professionals that are compassionate, able, and ready to assist in guiding each patient through the selection of their medical supplies.

About Promed

Why Choose ProMed?

Experience the Best in Medical Supply Services

Quality Products

With our wide range of products and vendors, we ensure we carry the best technology and solutions.

Little Or No Cost

ProMed DME accepts most commercial insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Privacy & Reliability

Our protected system keeps your medical and personal information safe and discreet.

Superior Product Selection

Dedicated Team to Assist You Every Step of the Way Wide Range of Medical Supplies.

Exceptional Service

We will contact your doctor, get a prescription, verify insurance, and process all paperwork on your behalf.

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We offer free shipping and legendary customer service to ensure you receive the
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