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LoFric Catheters

Proving themselves day in, day out

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Advantages of Using LoFric Catheters

Large Product Assortment

Leading Technology

User Safety Put First

The wide assortment of user-friendly catheters and sizes allows you to find the perfect catheter for your specific needs.

Urotonic Surface Technology coating has a salt and solutes that mimic urine creating a balanced surface that makes all the difference.

The unique coating minimizes friction during insertions and removal providing a proven lower risk of UTIs, hematuria, and strictures.

LoFric Catheters


The Original

LoFric® is our original low-friction catheter. LoFric requires clean water to activate the low-friction Urotonic™ Surface Technology coating on the catheter.


LoFric Origo

LoFric® Origo™ is a male catheter designed to provide safe, hygienic and convenient catheterization. It offers the user a safe catheterization experience, while ensuring comfort, control and discretion in a clever package.


LoFric Sense

LoFric® Sense™ is an attractive choice for women and girls. Small and discreet, yet still long enough for complete bladder emptying. 

LoFric Primo

LoFric® Primo™ is packaged with its own sterile water. Users can safely catheterize anywhere. The packaging keeps the water separate from the catheter until activation. It’s easy to fold, making it discreet to carry.


LoFric Hydro-Kit

LoFric® Hydro-Kit™ is a truly all-in-one catheter system – it includes the catheter, a sterile salt solution sachet and an integrated urine collection bag. The Hydro-Kit offers the freedom of catheterizing safely wherever and whenever needed, whether toilet facilities are available or not.

The choice you can always trust.

Choosing the right catheter for you is the most important step in making self catheterizing easy and comfortable for your daily life.

Self-Catheterization Guides

Learn how to self-catheterize using LoFric Catheters and Bladder Products. The easy to use products, support hassle free handling and disposal. 

Introduction to


Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC) closely mimics the natural way of urinating and is easy and safe to use.

Improving Safety and Providing the Clear Choice

LoFric single use hydrophilic catheters, intended for clean intermittent catheterization, are clinically proven to reduce urethral trauma in the short and long term.

0% trauma after 5-9 years with Lofric.

64% of lower expected risk of UTIs.

10-20 times lower expected risk of strictures.

48% of lower expected risk of hematuria.


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