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Urinary Catheters &  Incontinence Supplies

ProMed DME offers a comprehensive line of Urinary Catheter products, including male catheters, female catheters and pediatric catheters. We offer the highest quality products from all major brands. Learn how to avoid UTI's with our catheter product specialists. We are ready to help you with your catheter and incontinence supply needs.

Speak with one of our product specialist:

Our Urinary Catheter and Incontinence Products:

Male, Female, and Pediatric Catheter Solutions


Urological Solutions Supported By Catheter Experts Who Have a Deep Understanding Of Catheter User Needs

Benefits of Getting Your Catheters At ProMed DME

Catheter Product Experts: Over 70 Years of Catheter Experience 

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

On Call Clinicians To Educate, Support, and Answer Your Questions

FREE Samples Ensuring You Find the Best Solution For YOU!

Large Selection of Catheters: All Brands

Patient Friendly Process To Switch Your Service To ProMed DME

We Are Medicare Experts in Getting Our Patients Qualified

We Will Never Let You Go Without Catheters

Male Catheters, Female Catheters, and Pediatric Catheters

Need help finding the right catheter for you?

Our product specialists are available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about what catheter and incontinence supplies are right for you. 

We understand that there are many questions revolving around catheters, using catheters, and how to prevent UTI's. We have put together a list of answers as a  helpful resource for our patients.

Do you need help cathing? We have created user friendly guides for self-cathing as well as guides designed for caregivers.

Contact Us For FREE Samples

Let's chat! We look forward to discussing your urinary catheter needs, our catheter solutions, and our legendary patient service and caregiver support.  Try before you buy and ensure you have the best male, female, or pediatric catheter solution for you!

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